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The Daiymo / Ethan Josiah Hatchett / EMagnusTV / Ishihara Musashi / TheLastDaimyo1 Toad 12/17/2021 (Fri) 05:43:07 ID: 4d39fd No.127617 [Reply] [Last]
Meet (((jcaesar187 Josiah Hatchett))) aka The Daiymo jcaesar187 is a 23yo low IQ, habitually lying retard coward originally from Griffin, Georgia. As a young boy, jcaesar187 was diagnosed with autis-I mean, OCD and "anxiety". jcaesar187 then used his newfound superpower to develop into the biggest faggot possible: an Asston Barks orbiter turned capo, a failed college artfag, and an unrepentant homosexual. jcaesar187 grew up fleecing retards for money, launching multiple projects that went nowhere, yet he pocketed the money regardless. jcaesar187 attended Southern Crescent Technical College for a dogshit tier art degree in film. jcaesar187 lives with his literally retarded, special olympian, weeaboo 25 year old brother John; who has chronic seizures, being kicked out of his parent's house with his brother and relying on his disability. At first some people liked The Daiymo bickers of his artistic videos, silly gimmick, and his ability to felt salty bitches like Asston Parks and Rudy Coleman. However, once his true nature of Гунтguarding the Canadian Гунт came to light, he turned from walking the path of kino to becoming the joke of the "Kino Community". jcaesar187 is best known for doxing himself on a livestream for no reason, constant alogging z-celeb Gahoole, and getting into bitter, super srs disputes with fellow z-celebs such as his e-daddy Asston or buckbreaker Dark Ninja, taking the internet way too seriously despite trying to act like a badass. After challenging people to dox him, acting like the smuggest faggot possible, using foxdick to spread leaked DMs with Asston to gayop, then getting owned repeatedly by Gahoole, Super Metokur, Mormon Shaggy, and the master shinobi himself, Dark Ninja, The Daiymo first announce he would leave January 1st 2022, but then when you didn't think things could get more bitchmade, he decided to run away after 24 hours and after making one finally video saying his channel would last only until midnight, he finally ran from the internet as a result of the 56% literal WHO, taking the L to a bearded nazi femboy Earwinson disciple from T O R O N T O. Earlier, femboy Rudy Coleman accused jcaesar187 of being a "sus imposter" who contacted his real life friends, but this ended up being a 4d gayop with the Daiymo's express approval. Worst of all, despite acting tough on camera, shitting on capos and claiming to cleanse the community, he was absorbed by the very blubber he wished to clean. Behind the scenes he was in contact with top Canadian Гунт capo, Perspicacity, a lispy jilted pothead and the devolution of Toad McKinley. For a man who made his career mocking Toad McKinley, his gay love was similar to Asston's for jcaesar187, degrading himself just to get a passing whiff of his starfish. jcaesar187 thinks he's above it all, but he's the bottom of the barrel and by running away proved himself to be the beta bitch in recent memory. Videos featuring jcaesar187 jcaesar187's videos shitting on Toad McKinley https://files.catbox.moe/9kq15y.mp4 https://files.catbox.moe/iei14g.mp4 https://files.catbox.moe/z75k6c.mp4

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>>216513 Did...did *you* want the full bathhouse experience?
Daimyo, how's your big brained plan to bait TheTheGatorGamerGamer into doxing his address going? Maybe if you call him poor again he'll forget how to check his bank account and decide to give you a tour of his place. You'll see greater success with your ops if they aren't hinged on the target being retarded.
Where does he work? Does anyone know how he makes his money?
Does anyone have a clip of Daiymo saying nothing when DJ Axle talks about being a pedo?
If you're reading this thread, i must say, you're making some good vids and streams, Daiymo, at least you're funny and creative when compared to the braindead fags who fallow Earwinson and GrosslyPedo >>217607 >>217608 >Tordpedo >asking to be spoonfeeded yep, Daiymo is a GOD when compared to you faggots from discord.

Lolcows Who Disappeared Anonymous 12/30/2019 (Mon) 23:14:56 ID: 7b929a No.25118 [Reply]
Who are some lolcows that used to be quite prolific but then vanished without a trace? Kat Haché, aka Kevin: http://archive.is/2msVN For those unaware: >incredible smug, narcissistic tranny whose Tweets cumulatively outwrote the Bible in length. >had a penchant for documenting every negative comment said about him >got super pissed when someone outed his former identity as Kevin >caused the old /cow/ on 888chan to abruptly shutdown >kept tweeting indefinitely >suddenly shuts down Twitter account >deletes entire web presence >detransitions and starts identifying as male The last record of Kat's existence was from an now-deleted Instagram account with pictures of him detransitioning.
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>>114412 Isn't that the AznTiger from reddit?
>>211852 >tvtranny
>>211975 Says the mexicanjewhapa that spams black cocks and cp to "own" his alogs.
Open file (3.99 MB 406x720 Evalion.webm)
>>36517 She's a whore now. $100 will get you a terrible blowjob where she won't even let you finish in her mouth. It is basically a glorified rub and tag and not worth the cost unless you want to do it for the meme.
>>218248 That is not Evalion. Evalion is pushing 30 and has had a few kids by now.

>>217132 You understand that your entire arguement is pure nihilism that literally tells anon to give up and die, but of course that it is exactly what (((you))) intend ti sell to anon.
Open file (197.77 KB 1488x1324 three field system.png)
>>217133 No. I'm arguing more for what one could call three-field-system, applied to a broader range of products, services and sectors, a form of crop rotation developed during the middle ages that leaves one field fallow for it to regenerate, while focusing on the other fields.
>Omg the internet sucks! And no one can tell!
>>217129 >>217127 >>217039 I think you've become the lolcow
>>217286 That would require for me to be an identifiable character that is looking for attention, which I'm not. So by definition I cannot be a cow

Nick Wanting Ralph Off Cozy? 07/15/2023 (Sat) 21:20:02 ID: 94377f No.215436 [Reply]
Nick Wanting to throw jcaesar187 off Cozy???!! Snakeish guy there is.
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Very snakey considering all the support and interaction jcaesar187 gave
>>215436 Big if true, Гунт will take down the whole site if thats the case.
Open file (157.80 KB 726x645 ClipboardImage.png)
Which /cow/ was this leaked on?
>>215560 main thread
>>215560 there's only 1 /cow/, son

Anonymous 02/29/2020 (Sat) 11:38:15 ID: a4a33c No.38244 [Reply] [Last]
Can some of you G​AMERGATEs redpill me on Null? Is he actually a pedo bitch and a greedy Jew, or is that stuff just a meme?
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Open file (52.13 KB 988x376 josh.png)
An official statement from TheGatorGamerua Moon regarding Zayo ;^)
That faggot copes he's not a pedo bickers he likes shota when he was a minor. I don't know about you, but I never watched pedo shit when I was a minor either.
>>179146 Porn tastes don't change so most of the people that defend him for that? Actually his socks, dudes terminally online and rarely on his own site. He's a fucking retard.
>>179146 he wasn't a minor though. he says he sent it to stocking in the 'last year' but stocking was 14 and he was 20 when he posted that. the nonce can never tell the truth.
>>178893 Painfully unfunny

Open file (3.03 MB 720x602 Montag.webm)
Open file (78.58 KB 750x1334 selfi.jpg)
Open file (178.28 KB 883x1174 2020.5.19_ptv4u2.jpg)
Open file (210.50 KB 750x1000 MZ275147.jpg)
Open file (2.33 MB 720x486 champagne.webm)
evgenia lichtner Anonymous 06/02/2020 (Tue) 18:18:36 No.59574 [Reply]
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>MZ275147.jpg she looks awful in this particular picture, but I'd still break her in half with my dong.
>>59574 Racist whore
>>65366 You're just jealous that she doesn't want your black micropenis. ;^)
>>59574 I love skinny women.

Open file (420.51 KB 745x777 TurtleSoupMyFavorite.png)
Open file (220.18 KB 1472x523 ASWYS.png)
Open file (264.75 KB 911x348 redditmodrevolt.png)
The Great Reddit Hotpocket Civil War Unironic Ralphamale 06/22/2023 (Thu) 01:29:25 ID: dd13b3 No.212765 [Reply]
Bad moderators and Lolcows are like my jewish mother and cookies. They are quite a force when seperate, Reddit mods are not only famously, Lolcowy, the supermods are infamously-lazy, my jewish motherable, and very easy to piss off. Well, the hand that fed Reddit's moderators (with imaginary food, and corporate inside deals, nonetheless) just bitch-slapped them. And now the hotpockets are being thrown across the meeting room. It started with a blackout for two days. On the surface this looked like a push by the users to support third party apps that were basically being banned bickers of the high costs. Beneath that surface however, the janitoral staff of Reddit was seething with rage that their easy-access lazy automod tools were being threatened, so they organized in the most-reddit-way possible. Anyone with even just a spare few braincells knew that you can't just do a protest for a mere two days and expect admins to bend over for you. Well that time came and went, the talking heads acted like the blackout was a failure. But now that the Supermods have been betrayed, they're going on a full-on-revolt. I don't know about you guys, but I think Reddit might actually implode this time. Various Archive links Posted here bickers rdrama.net is kinda cancerous, and Reddit is terribly-easy to censor. https://archive.ph/obwn6 - rdrama.net jannycide thread (source of most of the links). https://archive.is/ygry4 - Reddit's biggest karma farm for bots had it's jannies removed. https://archive.is/ztTy6 - /r/ModCoord threads they openly-discuss their revolt on Reddit. https://archive.is/njRTt - An Hero-Complex in action. https://archive.ph/rxhC6 - rdrama.net thread about ex-janny who moderated /r/celebrities for FOURTEEN YEARS! (FOR FREE!) https://archive.ph/evUAT - /r/SquaredCircle janny whining (and considering suicide) about how he got demodded after a banning spree of people who called his hypocrisy out.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Hotpockets are starting to finally realize that the media isn't their friend, and they don't hold the power they thought they had when they were disposed of. (also, listed part of turtle's modded subs, so you can get an idea of just the kind of power-high it got from being on a high-horse.) https://archive.ph/J7kaJ - Reddit mods fuming about shit everyone else realized about the media last decade, and even earlier than that. https://archive.ph/iTpya - A primer on AwkwardTheTurtle, not much of a read, but a decent-enough primer for anyone here that doesn't know. https://archive.ph/mimbv - What the fuck, The Verge is actually somewhat unbiased here. https://archive.is/85Gba - A how-to-fuck-with-reddit guide bickers it's database is held-together with duct tape and wishful thinking.
So the hotpocket temper-tantrum and resulting holopocketcaust has indeed caused more damage than the talking heads have let-on... Except it's actually search engines that have taken the damage (redditors say it's mostly google) bickers of course shitty search engines will take a hit when they use biased algos and social media as search results. Other than that, the holopocketcaust continues, more subs fall, jannies rage, opportunistic users get mod positions, oust the old jannies, and reddit turns a blind eye acting like nothing's happening... Oh and scammers are now on reddit hoping to steal moderator accounts too. Hotpockets were surprisingly-smart on calling this out, but there will always be someone dumb-enough to click the link, there always is one of them that dumb. https://archive.ph/uFTGZ -- Hotpockets rejoice at the damage they've done... To Google. https://archive.fo/IAk84 -- Developer and Reddit guy for the world's most famous block game is leaving Reddit.
>>212925 >>213406 Good. Seriously, fuck Reddit moderators. They seal clapped when r/coontown and all the other right wing subreddits were closed by Spez, and now they are getting their just deserts. and yes, I know Spez is a scummy leftist, but he knows where the bread is buttered and has no qualms about being a hypocrite as all leftists are hypocrites. Smug Reddit mods still want to pretend to be true believers. May they all burn.
Got a spicy niblet of drama for you guys - hotpockets are salty that a fight against a tranny got onto the front page. Pics related are the thread of salt, and the thread it's coming from. In addition, reddit's biggest casual-views-source has it's hotpockets quitting. You know. that one board where celebrities- actual celebrities, not E-celebs, post their "ask anything" bullshit, while the hotpockets shadowban people who ask the REAL questions. Get fucked Reddit. This was ten years coming for being part of the cancer that killed forum rings. https://archive.ph/xdSDh - /u/ModCodeofConduct sends out messages that boil down to "we're done playing nice, unprivate your shit in two days or we will fuck you" https://archive.fo/4bBAA - Hotpockets discuss their plan to disconnect from reddit... I wonder if it'll take this time. https://archive.ph/mWN1n - Reddit's biggest source of organic off-site traffic is shutting down. Hotpockets suspect that spez is throwing a shitfit and it's actually a reasonable estimate if Spez is anything like a typical frat/techbro.
>>213637 shit, I chose the wrong images for hotpocket salt. sorry.

Unbelievable .... Look at this piece of shit 09/17/2021 (Fri) 04:59:47 ID: 9ef758 No.119640 [Reply]
Dude look at this fucking fagget still crying about being a narc. You know 2B 723 George St North is where he is running gayops from ... This fucking liar is teaming up with Cecil and Tea Clips. Surfer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! lol the Jew crying out as he strikes you! What's next- Гунт Guarding??
35 posts and 15 images omitted.
>>131736 kys trsperg, you're obvious even when you use tor
Why is Surfer hanging out with Forgefang spics lolicons and Bryan Dunn?
The Surfer and Axle rumors are true! Surfer jacked off for the furfag on camera!
>>211295 And now he shows his butt to Bryan Dunn and Perspic
>>131736 you will never be a woman

Open file (72.98 KB 1024x683 1646959262963.jpg)
Open file (359.37 KB 1128x777 1646957191624.png)
Kelly Wang/Mayli Thread Brian Holloman 03/11/2022 (Fri) 01:03:55 ID: bdce6c No.140503 [Reply]
>be hapa daughter of Jew Goldman Sachs VP. >get arrested for distributing weed during freshman year >muh daddy gives you a punishment >fuckyoudad.jpg >be a pornwhore for $1500 just to spite muh daddy >facialabuse >muh daddy gets wind of her porn escapades >buys the videos out of shame and DMCAs every single copy on the internet. >gets a thread on foxdickfarms bickers of this. >be associated with the likes of Killstream Гунт and Sonichu sperg. >open up YouTube channel >leave comments open How does spite and cum taste like Mayli?
18 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>183381 >charging someone for refusing sex How the fuck is that legal? Isn't that rape?
>>152556 Sometimes I forget how evil this world really is.
>>184279 > you can find entire communities of non-white women who specifically chase after these rich soyboy types Post the links then
>>188205 some legal work around bullshit prob
>>152556 Why is it ALWAYS that phenotype of male that are so okay with shit like this?

Open file (133.42 KB 1024x821 1390261186550.jpg)
Channel Autism Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 21:46:51 ID: ea2451 No.16071 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to the alumni?

Also a reminder that Latza is now more successful than any of them.
163 posts and 58 images omitted.
>>69331 James still doing AVGN is still cringe since he stopped being good long time ago. There is a reason Jontron decided to focus at quality over quantity. And I'm glad he didn't stayed at Game Grumps for long.
>>186899 Imagine seething so hard at a guy making the kinoest of kinos
>>211581 >seething >kino go back to cuckchan
Open file (7.83 KB 285x177 images (1) (20).jpeg)
>>211599 Cuck channers in the sektur? Where? Those weaklings forget the old ways.
>>211604 Is that picture for ants Sauron or Melkor?

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