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Gahoole2/Patrick Nelson Toad 08/15/2021 (Sun) 04:12:35 No.114821 [Reply] [Last]
The Ogre who >we all enjoy from time to time, know by name or like the spent some time watching japonese wrestling In recent months his life story has been developing, from a small Youtuber and BO of /tv/, now he's a lolcow in the claws of foxdickfarms trannies. Tranks to his streams with Ashton Parks and Earwinson, he has gained some fame among a new group that is more than happy to enable his depression and bad habits and will eventually help him into become a left-wing Ogre or tranny himself, like his sister brother. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
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>>184073 lmao this thread is brutal comedy gold
>>192599 Lmfao
>>198435 Yes. This crackdown led to the Nuzach rebellion as late 2021 was when the banning got really bad. "Nuzach" or one of the Nuzachs, the original Nuzach? Idk but he was one of those smart power posters that made Pedohoole jealous. Gayoole actually does not want a dead site, it makes him depressed, but he hates not being the center of attention. Recipe for disaster.
>>206906 The site is so dead now they let fags like blaine and emojitroon post and rarely ban them anymore, it's over for TVCH
Let's praise our king in this thread! https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/138282.html

Open file (9.68 KB 811x95 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (52.09 KB 1064x262 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (13.23 KB 1042x75 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (227.70 KB 1811x764 ClipboardImage.png)
AntichristHater69 Unironic Ralphamale 08/02/2022 (Tue) 22:43:09 ID: 7d9097 No.166017 [Reply]
https://anon.cafe/meta/last/15642.html https://anon.cafe/.global/logs/christian/2022-07-25.html Anyone else following this guy over on /christian/? He's apparently a volunteer, can't stop responding to bait, and seems genuinely autistic. He's also apparently a closet pedo.
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>>182361 I've seen nuzach on /christian/ seething about tvch before and their mods there also trying to stir shit.
>>181934 I half believe chobitsu is the same guy with a different persona. he was a vol there and resigned there after a few months.
>>191406 no, completely different writing styles, also chobitsu wasn't as ban happy, both have a weird thing about christ-chan tho chobitsu was fired for saying ACH should be banned, christianjanny came in to the thread and said 'check your emails, now' or some shit, a day later he was fired and namefagging was banned
>>190795 Jewzach try to create webring wars all the time, he visits zzzchan and post something, go to /christian/ more shit, then visit /cow/ and cope, then visit tvch and seethe.
does anyone has the screenshot of a thread where he and the other /christian/ fags calls for a crusade against tvch and /cow/?

/intl/ Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 22:02:42 ID: 411349 No.42051 [Reply]
Where is /intl/ now? Also, post /intl/ lore for great julay.
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>>197483 Pretty much agree with the majority of this besides the obvious /intl/-subversiveness at the end. the 2-3 anons called nuzach and emojitroon are massive faggots.
>>197485 What is the musical equivalent of kino? Zoomers throw around retarded terms like bops and bangers, but is there a term for really great music, as opposed to the Jewish-produced slop they churn out to the unwashed masses?
>>197495 >What is the musical equivalent of kino? Renaissance-tier Classical music ofc. And a fair number of those great gentlemen were quite spoken-out against the kikery of their own days. I'm sure they would have fit right in on (previous generations of) /pol/, while still crafting their own masterpieces of human achievement and beauty.

Open file (15.10 KB 772x238 CuckChan.png)
Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 13:48:12 ID: a21f23 No.39419 [Reply]
Lmao at CuckChan, the most cucked place of the internet. Can you think of a more cucked thing that posting in there unironically, filling googles recaptchas and shit, buying a goy captcha pass hahaha Even plebbit and normies forums allow to post from basic VPNs and browsing from tor. The userbase in there are retarded failed normies posting from google chrome connected with their google accounts, if you don't do that the recaptchas are too hard and the website is unusable. CuckChan achieved to totally removed anonymity on a forum system based on anonymity, isn't it beautiful?
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The age of imageboards is over, the webring is pure trash as well.
They are shadow banning the anons, not only banning or doing ip ragebans. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/129002.html
>>195371 Which lolcow are you?
>>195371 cuckchan >>>>>>> tvch after being ruined by gahoole and vol3
>You're here forever! Apparently not

Open file (135.63 KB 720x875 1.jpg)
Open file (103.29 KB 632x946 2.jpg)
Open file (3.16 MB 720x480 yakuza 0.webm)
Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 10:49:04 ID: 56300c No.12433 [Reply]
the cripple is fucking with jim IRL…

The second largest imageboard owner is getting sued now by non other than Fredrick Brennan the creator of 8ch. This is political as this effects the future of the second largest English speaking imageboard.
Jim Watkins might actually get arrested now.

that little cripple knows exactly what he is doing. The context here is that the Philippines not only has a dictatorial regime in power, it also has a sizeable (and violent) Muslim population. By citing "grotesque pornography" and also "hosting the Christchurch shooting", Hotwheels is deliberately placing the lives of Jim and his family in danger. It doesn't matter that Jim had nothing to do with any of that. Hotwheels is painting a false picture bickers he fully aware of the danger this puts them in.

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>>12433 Jim would have support if he hadn't banned lolis. But now? Get fucked, Jim.
>>14031 are you okay woman?
Based Hotwheels living rent free on op shitty head
Open file (461.41 KB 780x489 1617967844707.png)
>>195333 Brittle fingers typed this post.

Open file (411.45 KB 870x998 1666549195229.png)
Unironic Ralphamale 03/06/2023 (Mon) 12:45:10 ID: ccabb5 No.195015 [Reply]
Roxos arguing with 7 different grossly offensive right now
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>>195015 Grossly Offensive, Eso Anonism, Bryan Dunn, Weasel, ГунтRetort, Edinson Cavani Respector, Shamoo, Grimmcheers, and Dark Ninja are all the same person
Open file (1.49 MB 1248x684 platespic_kiwi.webm)
grossly is kaz
>>195814 The breakup with his boy Mikey broke Roxo's funnybone I see.

Open file (300.47 KB 353x434 yaniv.png)
Jonathan Yaniv Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 19:29:14 ID: 35d4e0 No.2533 [Reply]
Our king. Loves little girls, is an overt racist, assaults people on camera and doesn't afraid of anything. Truly a real human bean
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blair white interview was kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnhnShhxfhQ
>>195203 I remember that, indeed, Blaire at least one did a good job. Earwinson wishes he could interview and b t f o 'd people like that

Open file (7.66 MB 1280x720 janny.webm)
Open file (52.81 KB 485x411 Pringles.png)
Guntstream Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 08:05:17 ID: 1e3907 No.57589 [Reply] [Last]
You faggots keep shitting up the cyclical so contain your autism here. If it's quiet it's fine but when there's shit going on and you faggots are posting walls of text it derails the thread which aids the e-celebs that constantly try to control the narrative. The Гунтstream is the successor to the Shillstream/Гунтstream from Stream.me. Robi, who took over restreaming duties from goldstar continued the site on cytu.be after stream.me's death. The channel began to host additional cocks, such as lets plays, streaming shows and, most notoriously, gay debates. CAST OF TRANNIES <Гунтstream Trio >Robi Pires Owner and troon in chief of the lonely hearts tranny club. Robi originally restreamed the Гунт on stream.me when the faggot would actually wake up. Being too busy running the CP repository known as Julay.World, he now plays cuckime like Made In Abyss and does let's plays of Half Life 2. He spends every waking minute on the Julay World IRC which is such a cancerous shithole that it makes Discord look clean. He barely uses the site himself and has gone on record saying he's hated the place for the past 3 months. When koi turned /v/ into a pedo paradise, his brilliant idea was to let the site be spammed with CP for a few days to settle some IRC dispute about the 'heh' pill. Certifiably retarded. >Bill, Farmfag, Pringles One of the Гунтstream trio and Julay mod. BO of /dig/, a dead board that he's proud of for some reason. He watches moeshit for countless hours while larping as some guy with a farm. He gets very angry on IRC when dilating. >HangingFlesh, Weasel, Гунтopia, Zachfag, Cassie

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (128.13 KB 598x240 ClipboardImage.png)
Wolfspider (pedophile and simp for trannies and twinks) is is jealous that Asston is the one who gets the women's gifts, not like him who pays for nudes of trannies.
>>57589 What did jcaesar187 do in a pizzeria in 1980? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCeFhn7BMEA
Open file (200.35 KB 800x1200 arby's_1998_ethan_ralph.png)
>>126113 Sir this is an Arby's the same one jcaesar187 killed and raped a little girl behind in 1998
To this day Nuzach keeps seething about Wrist and trying to fuck with /lit/ threads That's why I believe he's associate with Koi
Man, Sargon did absolutely everything right, he dissassociated with TheGatorGamer when he blew himself up, he shat the fence on candid, he persevered during the election even when people backed him down, the only reason /cow/ went after him is bickers gymbo did it and thats it.

Open file (883.93 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX1.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 1000x1500 EDENDOX2.png)
Open file (595.63 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX3.png)
Open file (96.23 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX4.png)
Open file (101.08 KB 500x500 EDENFACE.jpeg)
EDEN LEAKS Unironic Ralphamale 01/08/2023 (Sun) 07:35:50 ID: ab8beb No.186357 [Reply] [Last]
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest leak in the history of the webring: THE EDEN ALTMEYER LEAK. Eden Altmeyer (you know him as Eden, and he goes by the name Gourmet on Matrix in 8moe /v/'s secret server) is an absolute scourge of the webring. Currently he is working under Mark on 8moe to mod cake/v/ and is guilty of pretty much nonstop spamming and fucking with the webring, primarily sleepychan. Today is the day it comes to an end. I will start with a dox that connects Gourmet (Matrix name, good friend of Mark, ringleader of a secret cabal on 8moe) with his old, similar alias of Gourmet Newell. From there, we will find that he has been using his real name (Eden) on the webring. With his piss poor opsec, we will achieve a full dox. The next leaks I plan to share are Eden Altmeyer's involvement in a secret 8moe cabal along others who plague the webring. Please enjoy this leak at the expense of the 8moe G​AMERGATEs which will provide a unique inner look at how Eden functions in secret.
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>>190788 Shut the fuck up kikelover
>>190788 >fatassch.moe Moliberry tranny, go home
>>191126 >>191593 >the sweaty gamer spic is kvetching you're such a lolcow.
Rand: You're a sweaty gamer Mansu: So are you -30 seconds later- Mansu: no wait I'm not a pedo
> pedo

Open file (137.62 KB 276x524 ClipboardImage.png)
Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka thread Unironic Ralphamale 01/26/2023 (Thu) 17:51:22 ID: 7566ae No.188638 [Reply]
Whatever happened to Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka? I heard the dude wasn't doing to well, but I'm not up on the details. >Kyanka started Something Awful several months before being forced to resign from his job at PlanetQuake for writing a derogatory website update about a fellow employee. He moved the "Cranky Steve" personality in question to the site in 1999.[4] >Originally, the site was limited mostly to personal cocks, in which Kyanka personally reviewed video games, movies, and comics which he felt were "something awful". However in later years the site grew to feature numerous writers and columnists, putting Kyanka's own writings in the minority. Kyanka is the creator of the characters Jeff K. and Cliff Yablonski, that are featured on the Something Awful site.
Kyanka put lead in Kyanka's head is what happened.
>>188638 >>188686 He killed himself after allowing a tranny to molest his children bickers he was going to be forced to pay child support.

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