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They worked together tirelessly, bouncing ideas off each other and solving problems as a team.

Artificial Wombs general Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:11:54 No.157 [Reply] [Last]
I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot. Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate?

Repost from a thread on /b/;
>"If you're like me and want to fuck a qt battlebot and get her pregnant, the best place to put an artificial womb is where a normal womb would be on a normal girl. The metal exterior could simply be a bunch of metal plates that unfold to allow space for the womb pod inside. The baby is probably safest inside the battlebot, and if she has good calibration then there shouldn't be problems with her falling and hurting the baby. After giving birth the metal plates could automatically fold back up again, shrinking the womb pod inside so she is combat effective again."

Well /robowaifu/? Feasible?
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>>20538 >menstrual blood stem cells I guess it makes some sense on consideration, but it's a surprise to know there even is such. I guess I would have assumed they menses is well-advanced along developmental differentiation timeline, and wouldn't offer any stem cells.
Women believe that eggs are the dealbreaker and that Men MUST have them from Women to reproduce. This is not true. Eggs can be made from shin cells of Women. What women would not sell a scrapping of skin cells for a couple grand? These cells can be turned into eggs and then, fertilized with sperm. In fact to make children the limiting factor is sperm. Sperm is what energizes the cell to start dividing to make babies. I suspect that it would not take all that much money to build an artificial womb and once the tech is figured out the cost of materials would be very low. https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/05/mice-embryos-from-skin-cells-and-by-2037-human-embryos-from-skin-cells.html I personally believe that people have possibly already done this in secret and are doing horrible things with the offspring. Possibly using them for spare parts. I of course can not prove this. One thing I can do is rationalize what a budget for such a thing would cost so you can see if it is possible. Let’s do some rough numbers to see what this would cost. Let’s say you place a building on some Island, free from prying eyes. You wouldn’t need too much room. Let’s say $2 million for the building. You could also do the whole thing on a boat and stay at sea the whole time. You need chemist and biologist to plan for the equipment and chemical engineers. Say you have 5 of each at $150,000 for a year. A couple of electronic engineers to do the control systems at $150,000 each and one mechanical engineer at $150,000. Then you stock it with equipment. Say another $5 million. So set up cost are $8,950,000. Then to run the thing, one major biologist at $250,000 five minor at $100,000, one major chemical engineer at $250,000 two minor at $100,000. One mechanical and one electronic engineer at $100,000 each. Maybe ten various helpers at $80,000 each. Two managers at $250,000 each. Maybe $10,000 a month for electricity, supplies, whatever a month. $120,000 a year. Total cost employees and overhead $2,820,000 a year. A lot of the work has been done in the open literature. Since you are psychopaths, you could start within at least a year human experimentation. Destroying anything that didn’t work out. You could also leverage animal experiments done in the open that you could get your minions to pay for in standard scientific channels with public money. Most breakthroughs for some reason, I don’t know why, generally take 30 years to become mainstream. So total cost set-up running and all for 30 years is $93,550,000. People who pay this kind of money for paint blotches and jpg art can easily afford this and I think my cost are a bit lavish. You could do this much cheaper for most of the research. This is a stand up and do it now type budget.

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>>21248 >Since you are psychopaths Beg your pardon? Are you referring to us here on /robowaifu/? Why would you say that?
With advances on this research, male humans may soon be able to produce our own ova (egg cells). https://tinyurl.com/48w74yme
>>21261 Hi SophieDev, thanks for the information.

Open file (3.17 MB 4256x2832 AdobeStock_73357250.jpeg)
Open file (239.70 KB 1280x833 F1.large.jpg)
Open file (234.26 KB 1200x800 graphene.jpg)
Open file (122.78 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
New, Cutting Edge, or Outside the Box Tech meta ronin 04/09/2021 (Fri) 02:11:57 No.9639 [Reply]
ITT: We discuss Metamaterials, Self Organizing Systems, and other "outside of the box" tech (flexible PCBs, Liquid Battery, etc) I'll start with this video on self-assembling wires, and will add more as I come across it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeHWqr9dz3c
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>>20618 Interesting Meta Ronin. I expect this approach could also be reversed to create enshrouding, RF-protective foams. That is, to protect RF-sensitive components in the robowaifu -- both from unwanted transmissions, as well as unwanted interferences. >>20625 Very interesting Anon. Immediately reminds me of the so-called 'DNA computers', though they use entirely different phenomenon for processing. Thanks!
what if AI designed the robowaifu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxKI4XBwBjU
>>21163 Interesting. Lol that was obnoxious to watch :^) I'm quite optimistic that approaches similar to this will be figured out for the garage Anon. So, is there any way you can see that you might use just this kind of technique today to build a robowaifu Anon? After all, you know what they say: (>>21119)
>>21163 >>21164 Thanks. They seem to plan to release the software. Maybe we should come back to this later: https://www.hyperganic.com/#countdown
>>21166 Wow neat! Thanks Anon. I wonder if they'd be open to helping us design humanoid robotic companions?

General Robotics/A.I. News & Commentary #2 Robowaifu Technician 06/17/2022 (Fri) 19:03:55 No.16732 [Reply] [Last]
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, and any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of robowaifus). === -note: I'll plan to update this OP text at some point to improve things a bit. -previous threads: > #1 (>>404)
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Picrels are general AI news related (Feb 2023): >>20978
Open file (159.97 KB 1884x207 Screenshot_2.jpg)
>>20719 aand here it go. > META's LLaMA already on torrent, 7B to 65B. https://files.catbox.moe/o8a7xw.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b8287ebfa04f879b048d4d4404108cf3e8014352&dn=LLaMA&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce
>>20997 you may get OOM error trying to load it. change batch size, and it should load : https://github.com/facebookresearch/llama/issues/61
Overwhelmed By All The Generative AI Headlines? This Guide Is For You <a look at the how different media coverage portrays AI & tech >Looking at past media studies, I gathered the “Top 10 AI frames.” They are organized from the most positive (pro-AI) to the most negative (anti-AI). Together, they encapsulate the media’s “know-how” for describing AI. >Interestingly, studies found that the frames most commonly used by the media when discussing AI are “a helping hand” and “social progress” or the alarming “Frankenstein’s monster/Pandora’s Box.” It’s unsurprising, as the media is drawn to extreme depictions. >If you think that the above examples represent the peak of the current panic, I’m sorry to say that we haven’t reached it yet. Along with the enthusiastic utopian promises, expect more dystopian descriptions of Skynet (Terminator), HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey), and Frankenstein’s monster. https://www.techdirt.com/2023/03/01/overwhelmed-by-all-the-generative-ai-headlines-this-guide-is-for-you/ https://archive.ph/b0Mrh
NEW THREAD: >>21140 NEW THREAD: >>21140 NEW THREAD: >>21140 NEW THREAD: >>21140

Open file (659.28 KB 862x859 lime_mit_mug.png)
Open-Source Licenses Comparison Robowaifu Technician 07/24/2020 (Fri) 06:24:05 No.4451 [Reply] [Last]
Hi anons! After looking at the introductory comment in >>2701 which mentions the use of the MIT licence for robowaifu projects. I read the terms: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT Seems fine to me, however I've also been considering the 3-clause BSD licence: https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause >>4432 The reason I liked this BSD licence is the endorsement by using the creator's name (3rd clause) must be done by asking permission first. I like that term as it allows me to decide if I should endorse a derivative or not. Do you think that's a valid concern? Initially I also thought that BSD has the advantage of forcing to retain the copyright notice, however MIT seems to do that too. It has been mentioned that MIT is already used and planned to be used. How would the these two licences interplay with each other? Can I get a similar term applied from BSD's third clause but with MIT?

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Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/24/2020 (Fri) 14:07:59.
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>discussion-related > (>>16429, >>16431, >>16526, >>16538, >>16549, >>16551)
I use CC-BY-NC-SA for everything. This allows people to use it freely in the same manner as GPL non-commercially but requires people to ask permission to use it commercially. You can always grant copyright to people outside of the license terms by releasing your work under a different license to specific people. The use of dual licenses allows you to forbid certain individuals and/or entities from using your work as you see fit on a case by case basis while not inhibiting anyone from merely contributing to your project.
>>11846 > this is just confusing and somehow not clear enough despite its importance If you wrote or invented something, that's a fact you can't change. You can only sign away the rights derived from that. >>16352 >ISC licence https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISC_license (it's for software) related: >>16354 https://cvsweb.openbsd.org/src/share/misc/license.template >>16352 >I wish there was a copyleft license that was compatible with 100% of free licenses. The idea behind copyleft is good, but the issue with copyleft licenses is that they end up cucking other FLOSS developers from using your software Interesting. I know only some examples in the OpenSCAD program to be copyleft. Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) is used for LulzBot (3D printer) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

BTW, I'd like to discuss how we clearly & (importantly,) legally opensauce H/W design work. For instance, I'm planning on creating a prototype copper wire-wrapper that will enable anon to 3D-print the frames for, then fully wrap the copper into, his own garage-manufactured BLDC actuators. Will the MIT (Expat) license also cover these sort of machine designs as well? >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/24/2023 (Fri) 10:28:51.
>>20691 Thanks kindly, NoidoDev!

Electronics General Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:09:50 No.95 [Reply] [Last]
Electronics & Circuits Resources general

You can't build a robot w/o good electronics. Post good info about learning, building & using electronics.

74 posts and 20 images omitted.
Open file (427.08 KB 1500x1500 super start kit.jpg)
Open file (127.68 KB 1649x795 rip mr servo.png)
I'm looking to get into electronics. Are the ELEGOO UNO starter kits any good? There's one on Amazon for $40. I basically just want to learn how to program a microcontroller, control servos with a controller and understand enough so I can start building a robowaifu. Or should I save my money and just play with the circuit simulator in TinkerCAD?
>>16224 I actually have the kit on the left, and I definitely recommend them for learning Anon, sure.
I don't recall exactly where we were all talking about creating DIY garage-fabs, so I'll put this here for now. >Using mercury lamps as a UV light source ASML is able to get 220nm features out of a dry process. https://www.asml.com/en/products/duv-lithography-systems/twinscan-xt-400l Surely not cheap, but conceivable for a small robowaifu factory.
This here might be interesting for people who want to make sure they can go into prepper mode if they can't get their PCBs online anymore: https://jimlaurwilliams.org/projects/seychellePaper/index.html >Of the several types of etchant chemistries the hobbyist can choose, acid cupric chloride (also called acid copper(II) chloride or just cupric chloride) is one of the more interesting types, since it has the ability to be regenerated, or replenished, without having to throw away the solution.
>>16224 The answer to whether you should buy it is always yes

kiwi's Tutorials Kiwi 12/17/2021 (Fri) 20:32:59 No.14704 [Reply]
Kiwi here to teach fellow Anons. First is how to make a ball and socket that pop together with side guides. These guides turn it into a universal joint. You can incorporate this design into many different other designs, I recommend using petroleum jelly to smooth out the motion. For reference, the ball is a 12 mm sphere. The socket has an internal 13 mm sphere and the mm difference is necessary at all scales. More tutorials will come. All information is freely given for the sake of catgrill meidos.
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>>15095 >Living hinges >Hobbyist FDM printing Kekw Thanks for the link, I'm sure it will help the other Anons that are learning. I'm fairly certain compliant mechanisms have been mentioned previously, you may learn a thing or two looking around this board. We are lacking in Anons with technical knowledge so, feel free to stay. t. Kiwi :^) (Can someone verify if the pdf's are safe?)
>snap fittings Oh hey, the concept I've been alluding to for the past month. >>15097 They are safe kiwi and illustrate some of the various designs that can be used with snap fittings.
Open file (19.92 KB 445x383 1.png)
Open file (70.72 KB 664x612 2.png)
Open file (37.27 KB 557x467 3.png)
Open file (107.31 KB 827x789 4.png)
Open file (94.12 KB 834x791 5.png)
Quick and easy clamp for 3D printed d shaft mated features. Works with almost all filament, though PETG would be ideal.
>>19413 Very nice work, Kiwi.
Open file (20.39 KB 665x552 Start.png)
Open file (21.38 KB 588x460 Rounit.png)
Open file (25.76 KB 598x531 MeasureHole.png)
Open file (35.89 KB 723x299 ArmProfile.png)
Open file (21.95 KB 779x416 Pull.png)
Super simple snap together moving joint. 1. Draw a symmetrical "T" 2. Pull/extrude it 3. Round the edge to make insertion easier 4. Use the measurement of the rectangle that will fill the hole as a guide 5. Draw the rest of your arm, make sure it's long enough to flex around the end of the "T" 6. Draw a rectangle with the tolerance needed to accept the "T" once inserted 7. Round edges to allow for ease of insertion

Robot skeletons and armatures Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 11:26:51 No.200 [Reply] [Last]
What are the best designs and materials for creating a skeleton/framework for a mobile, life-sized gynoid robot?
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>>20407 ITo answer that, I'd suggest you study both human anatomy in general, and biotensegrity in particular. All your answers are out there Anon.
>>20407 >Even if that works though... how do you move it? That depends on the specific robot design. I'm open for every kind of actuator. We have a whole thread for that: >>12810 I stalled my plan of building a very human-like robot body with a spine and legs for now, because it takes too much time and is too difficult. I'm gonna make it, but first I'm finishing a more simple gynoid with no spine >>18433 (simple Joystick body / desktop waifu). So she won't bend like a human. Just with a stiff upper body. I didn't make a specific thread for my build yet, but I plan to do so. Same, for the follow-up models. Look into this here for how to possibly design the spine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqrDYsjBjoY Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Anatomie3DLyon I recommend keeping it simple first and look into how simple these companion (sex) dolls are designed. Maybe don't make it much more complicated at the beginning. You don't really need a flexible spine with muscles, it's a bonus.
>>20420 >Spine Compliant mechanisms might also be useful: >Compliant Rolling-contact >Compliant Rolling Joint https://youtu.be/uvPSsUkLypY https://www.youtube.com/shorts/iX2flAskPhQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPmmY4rDiq0 Also used in a hand here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9mRS_-SC0
>>20421 And this also looks interesting: >Spatial rolling contact joint for a path generating link mechanism https://youtu.be/ONu23LCZl8E >This is a spatial rolling contact joint for a spatial path generator. The rolling contact surfaces between the two links can be designed so that the two links generate the specified spatial trajectory relatively. Thus, a spatial path generator with it can completely generate the specified trajectory. It is expected to be applied to a pick-and-place machine, an exoskeleton for human knee joint, and so on. The research paper in the following link describes the method to design the rolling contact surfaces, the method to arrange linear springs optimally, and so on. (Japanese): https://researchmap.jp/blogs/blog_entries/view/112730/2ab336a68df84942d7a3cda4212a902f?frame_id=574244 PDF: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/mej/6/6/6_19-00253/_pdf/-char/en
Very interesting stuff NoidoDev, thanks.

Open file (1.11 MB 894x950 Sophie_Head.png)
Elfdroid Sophie Thread #3 SophieDev 02/18/2022 (Fri) 11:38:48 No.15236 [Reply]
New video of Sophie is now up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOGrdHn7wBU Finally got her head working in a reproducible manner. I had completely broken about seven of her previous micro-servos. But the burnt-out ones weren't the big problem - I just connect suspect servos my Arduino UNO and if my control servo can run the 'Sweep' sketch but the suspect servo cannot, I know it's dead and in the bin it goes. However, one servo was damaged but still working - except it caused some kind of feedback that made all other micro servos connected to the same circuit go haywire - even brand new ones. Luckily the faulty servo in question was old and had spraypaint on it, so I could tell it apart from the others. But that was very confusing - at first I thought it might be related to the small magnets that hold her faceplate on, but this is not the case. Rogue servos are definitely something to watch out for in future. Anyway, now that I have measurable, standardised voltage going into all of the micro servos, I'd like to upgrade her neck again. She can actually shake her head (but not in the above video as it is addressed straight-to-camera), but she still cannot nod her head as it weighs too much and the neck servo overheats rapidly. Heads are relatively heavy things (especially with long hair). The breakthrough with Sophie has been splitting her up into separate subsystems and separate circuits, then focusing on only ONE subsystem/circuit - in my case her head. For a beginner like me, it was just too confusing and labour intensive to attempt programming her head, speech, neck, arms and hands all simultaneously. When errors occured I was having a real hard time pinning down which motors were affected, how badly they were affected and why. Having to tear down one large, complex system is waaaay harder than troubleshooting something far smaller. So focusing only on her head solved this problem.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>20376 Heh i don't believe there's some homoglobo force that'd stop anyone from selling waifubots lol They want money I want money and customers would want a robowaifu. There was a youtube video of a sexbot but it was mostly a body with a talking head. Elon Musk even hinted at making sexbot catgirls.
>>20381 >They want money I want money and customers would want a robowaifu. Heh, true. They are going to have a little rebellion at some point among their ranks (as is commonplace with these folk). Once this industry is far enough along, some of them will try to swoop it. Once there is enough momentum for this little offshoot band (read: they've piled up a noticeable bit of gold), then 'magically' the entire globalist """narrative""" will suddenly shift on this tech... just as this Anon suggested (>>20371). As to sexbots, they have no qualms about them -- it promotes their agendas -- they love coomers just fine. No, it's robowaifus that are the threat to these globalists. Men by-and-large won't leave the ball-and-chain over something like Harmony, no matter how good a sexbot it becomes. But I think they just might over a robowaifu once the technology & art behind them becomes refined enough. This dynamic is of course the fundamental threat to these puppetmasters; once women can be replaced (mostly-)effectively, then the Globohomo's entire pozzed & woke hegemony will begin crashing down around them (and down upon their own heads too). And rightly so, ofc. These evildoers absolutely hate good marriages, and they wield the current effects of so-called """liberated""" women as a weapon of mass-destruction against the entire world. Once they are disarmed of it, their game will soon be up. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/19/2023 (Sun) 23:14:18.
>>20385 Heh, no it was the exact opposite Anon. BTW, we're offtopic. If you want to continue this please move it to the current /meta, thanks.
>>20386 Somebody said yeah sure it'll cost as much as a luxury car :^) Luxury cars are not $10,000 btw Should I make the new off topic thread...
which part of 'please move it to the current /meta, thanks.' is the hard one?

/robowaifu/meta-6: Christmastime Out In The Sticks Chobitsu Board owner 12/12/2022 (Mon) 23:01:06 No.18173 [Reply] [Last]
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT General /robowaifu/ team survey (please reply ITT) (>>15486) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various /robowaifu/-related topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -How to get started with AI/ML for beginners (>>18306) -"The Big 4" things we need to solve here (>>15182) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) -Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) -This is madness! You can't possibly succeed, so why even bother? (>>20208) >---

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/16/2023 (Thu) 01:14:58.
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>>20314 >so why not say fuck it and just burn the bridges. Because this isn't /b/, friend. Take it easy, thanks. :^)
Well when I say robot i really mean sex bot. Disney had animatronics since 1963 or so. The kind of sex bot I'm thinking of has been possible for quiet a while.
If you want to make a waifubot you can think with your heart, but if you're like me and you want to make a sex bot you're going to have to start thinking with your dick lol

Robowaifu Podcast meta ronin 07/10/2021 (Sat) 00:08:29 No.11364 [Reply] [Last]
Purpose: - Spread the idea of robowaifus and help recruit talent to our cause - Control the framing of R/W devs, researchers and enthusiasts; we can be perceived as eccentric, charismatic techies rather than, say, disturbed and dangerous lone weirdos - Brainstorm fresh ideas that might arise from real-time live collaboration and debate - Get ahead of the 8 ball and shape the topic into something appealing yet transformative in a fun edgy way before journos and the like sully it with their stale neolib, postmod, westernized takes If this is something any of you (esp Board Owner and heavyweights) would consider participating in I'm inviting you to collaborate. Could be a once a week or twice a month deal, part time co-host or recurring guest is what I'm looking for. I've already run some pilot streams on my Twitch but might move to another platform if we want something more regular and official. --- >podcasts:Are Robo Waifus the Future? (2023 Jan 26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II70vRYprgw >=== -revamp OP
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/28/2023 (Sat) 05:08:44.
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>>19856 >After listening to some old Sandman episodes i don't want to derail the topic, but note that mgtow is just a psyop to sell feminism to men. don't even mind them, they do constant mental gymnastics to not be caught in the deception.
>>19963 >but note that mgtow is just a psyop to sell feminism to men. Feminists do all kinds of things, it's not one group, so they will even contradict each other. MGTOW is freeing men from women and from those influencing them, so it's certainly not " just a psyop to sell feminism to men". MGTOW itself is also a spectrum, so this claim is very absurd.
>>19846 >The new thing is IMO the DIY scene around it, in combination with memes and sharing recommendations of entertainment related to it, and even starting to create more of it. Yeah I suppose that's true Anon. Certainly, it would help us all if we can get some of these anons you mentioned connected in here to start doing their own thing, together as a group. Heh, obviously not a tightly-rigid structure, but we've already learned here the synergies that can arise from this arrangement.
Not sure if Podcasts from other creators than Meta Ronin or anyone from this board belong here in this thread, but here's a guy talking about AI Waifus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEL1OZPkU94 >With the current state of dating, men are seeking out alternatives to the traditional relationship system. Enter the latest advancements of AI.
If anyone needs a better microphone for his podcasting: >>20775 >Building a quality USB-C microphone

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