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Vera stayed by Anon's side, continuing to support him in building new programs, but their primary goal was no longer work or money or fame.

Humanoid Robot Projects Videos Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 04:02:08 No.374 [Reply] [Last]
I'd like to have a place to accumulate video links to various humanoid – particularly gynoid – robotics projects are out there. Whether they are commercial scale or small scale projects, if they involve humanoid robots post them here. Bonus points if it's the work of a lone genius. I'll start, Ricky Ma of Hong Kong created a stir by creating a gynoid that resembled Scarlett Johansson. It's an ongoing project he calls an art project. I think it's pretty impressive even if it can't walk yet. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ZoSfq-jHSWw === Instructions on how to use yt-dlp to save videos ITT to your computer: (>>16357)
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>>26771 >What are your ideas for using round display eyes? I'm not into that, but others seem to be. I'm also not opposed to it. Best thing would be if they were available with a hole in the middle. >It's just pre -cripted interactions with trigger words. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Though, it's good to see how fascinating these robots can be.
JINKI ITTAI Humanoid "Type 01 Kaleido" (based on Kawasaki) https://youtu.be/cM35BY6Fq9I
China appears to be getting more serious about humanoid robots. For 2024/25, the predictions are they will have production capacity for some of the models (so, hundreds of thousands of units? millions?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cJV08MTwA0
Open file (133.19 KB 563x798 CloudmindCloudGinger.png)
Open file (350.73 KB 954x918 UBTECHWalkerX.png)
>>26778 The RHP Kaleido is one of the most exciting robots for me. It was barely able to anything a year ago, now it seems to work as a very slow and careful general purpose robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h66xSbIEdU[Embed] >>26779 Cloudmind's Cloud Ginger and Cloud Purple are both impressive knockoffs of Aldebaran Pepper. Looks like it could be a great functional upgrade, though it needs independent testing. UBTECH Walker X is also impressive. The correct height and proportions for an efficient home robot. To be honest, this is the first time I actually feel like I have real competition. Need to make my next post in this thread my own bot!
>>26797 Yeah these are great. Totally-not-Pepper-bot actually looks much more capable in the Chinese version! Might be a solid mobility base contender for MaidCom. :^)

Robotics sites, organizations and projects Robowaifu Technician 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:21:24 No.268 [Reply] [Last]
There are a lot of robotics research and projects going on out there in the world, many of them with direct application for us here. Please contribute important, quality links you find that you think would help /robowaifu/.

Robot Operating System (ROS)
>[ROS] is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It is a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions that aim to simplify the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of robotic platforms.
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>>24531 > archive-related : (>>24807)
So these devices have existed for a while now. Two wheeled self balancing robot kits. With a base like this you could solve the mobility issue mostly. https://www.instagram.com/p/CvZftxuLyeR/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
>>25269 I think that would be a great choice Anon. Please let us all know in our prototypes thread about your progress if you undertake this! Cheers. :^)
16+ Coolest 3D Printed Robotics Projects (2023 Update): https://www.3dsourced.com/feature-stories/3d-printed-robotics-robots/
>>26767 Thanks NoidoDev. That is a nice listing. I hope some of them who haven't yet, will eventually take the opensauce-Pill. >=== -minor edit
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Bipedal Robot Locomotion General Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 05:57:42 No.237 [Reply] [Last]
We need to talk about bipedal locomotion. It's a complicated topic but one that has to be solved if we are ever to have satisfyingly believable robowaifus. There has surely already been a lot of research done on this topic, and we need to start digging and find the info that's out there. There are some projects that have at least partial robolegs solutions working, but none that I know of that look very realistic yet. We likely won't come up with some master-stroke of genius and solve everyone's problems here on /robowaifu/, but we should at least take a whack at it who knows? We certainly can't accomplish anything if we don't try.

I personally believe we should be keeping the weight out of the extremities – including the legs – while other anons think that we should add weight to the feet for balance. What's you're ideas anon? How do we control the gait? How do we adjust for different conditions? What if our robowaifu is carrying things? What about the legs during sex? Should we focus on the maths behind MIP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum), or is there a different approach that would be more straightforward? A mixture? Maybe we can even do weird stuff like reverse-knee legs that so many animals have. Robofaun waifu anyone? What about having something like heelys or bigger wheels in the feet as well?

I'm pretty sure if we just put our heads together and don't stop trying, we'll eventually arrive at least one good general solution to the problem of creating bipedal robot legs.

ITT post good robowaifu legs

>tech diagrams sauce
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Open file (78.13 KB 922x1396 Femisapien-a21.JPG)
Attached is an inside view of the "Femisapien" toy from Wowee in the mid 2000s. The leg mechanism uses only 3 motors, with the ankle synced to the hip via bowden cable and hip linked to knee via parallelogram. 1 motor to move hips side/side, and one motor per leg to move them forward/back. Demo Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNezxoSEEB0
>>26432 Mark Tilden is a genius tbh. (>>10257) There's a concept called Neuromorphics. It's basic tenets have in some cases been solved in large degree simply by clever designs using standard analog electronics. We can do with a bit more of that style of insight here on /robowaifu/ IMO. Cheers. :^)
Open file (3.06 MB 1844x2792 0Femisapien.png)
>>26432 Femisapien is even simpler/stupider. That's just a floating steel rod,not a bowden tube. There's nothing that moves her hips. She is underactuated, relying on her bodies dynamics to move her hips. Those springs help to reduce needed energy to shift her upper bodies mass over to one leg. This is achieved by throwing mass (her arms) to alter her upper bodies center of gravity, which causes her to tip with the help of those springs. It's a great demonstration of Keep It Simple Stupid, reducing costs to an absolute minimum by using dynamics to simulate the functions of servos that aren't there. Her arms being able to turn her elbows, move the arm up and down, inside and out, all with one motor and potentiometer each, is also clever. Distribution of mass to help even out the torque needed to move her legs across their arc, and attention to her periods as a system of pendulums is worthy of note.My all time favorite biped. There's so much to love about her design.
>>26502 >She is underactuated Clever design work. After all, the simplest, most robust parts are the ones that aren't there! :^) Same is even moreso when it comes to software. As mentioned here (>>26447), if we can use simple analog electronics parts to fill in for what otherwise would need complex software to achieve, the parts attributes above can be expanded to include faster as well. Thanks for the nice breakdown analysis Kiwi. I wish the two of you had physical copies of Femisapien so you could really do proper teardowns/reverses. Cheers. :^)
Human Moves, Robotic Grooves: How AI Mimics Human Motion in Stunning Detail https://youtu.be/3LkWydJq6y0

Open file (50.45 KB 640x361 72254-1532336916.jpg)
Making money with AI and robowaifus Robowaifu Technician 11/30/2019 (Sat) 03:07:12 No.1642 [Reply]
The greatest challenge to building robowaifus is the sheer cost of building robots and training AI. We should start brainstorming ways we can leverage our abilities with AI to make money. Even training AI quickly requires expensive hardware and computer clusters. The faster we can increase our compute power, the more money we can make and the quicker we can be on our way to building our robowaifus. Art Generation Waifu Labs sells pillows and posters of the waifus it generates, although this has caused concern and criticism due to it sometimes generating copyrighted characters from not checking if generated characters match with training data. https://waifulabs.com/ Deepart.io provides neural style transfer services. Users can pay for expedited service and high resolution images. https://deepart.io/ PaintsChainer takes sketches and colours them automatically with some direction from the user, although it's not for profit it could be turned into a business with premium services. https://paintschainer.preferred.tech/index_en.html I work as an artist and have dabbled with training my own AIs that can take a sketch and generate many different thumbnails that I've used to finish paintings. I've also created an AI that can generate random original thumbnails from a training set. In the future when I have more compute power my goal is to create an AI that does the mundane finishing touches to my work which consumes over 80% of my time painting. Applying AI to art will have huge potential in entertainment and marketing for animation, games and virtual characters. Market Research

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>>20154 I had such thoughts before, but consider a few things: - It means going public with your identity - If you are a pro in tech this might be harming your career, if you don't have such a career then people might not trust you being capable - It's a matter of shipping and logistics - There might be legal issues and risks - This and other things lead to upfront costs - Not sure if Kickstarter allows sextoys and especially dolls
>>23643 You can't "patent" a certain build anyways. A very unique character might be under copyright, but even in that case there would still be copycats. Your whole business model is flawed, everyone told you that by now in various ways. Make a local or early business, have a competitive edge over others, especially in your area. Maybe build on a name and reputation for animated dolls if you want to ship them globally. Be better than companies which don't care about their customers. You could also have knowledge about tools and processes they don't have. Just don't think so much about patenting things and keeping people out later. This won't work and we here don't want this anyways. Also, it's unattractive for customers if no one else than you could make replacement parts. You could also work on Open Source and use your skills for making some money. Some here might or could've gone into AI illustrations very early, for example. Related: Early business ideas >>3119 Robowaifu market >>18572 Thot in the Shell >>9709 Licenses >>4451
>>23682 Even if the machine parts that make up the robot are not novel the robot itself is novel and I think it can be patented.
I mean, it's kinda obvious. Anyways: Fireship - AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one https://youtu.be/ky5ZB-mqZKM https://github.com/lllyasviel/Fooocus
>>26713 Lol that report. That does look like a great tool NoidoDev, thanks for the links!

3D printer resources Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:08:12 No.94 [Reply] [Last]
Cheap and easy 3D printing is vital for a cottage industry making custom robowaifus. Please post good resources on 3D printing.

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>>26606 For future reference: This also includes how to 3D print a peristaltic pump which might last longer than regular ones.
>>26606 >>26607 >>26608 Neat! Thanks Anons. :^)
Creality Ender 3 V3 SE: https://youtu.be/EL8ehEYPTCk (~$200) Anicubic Cobra 2: https://youtu.be/jxBL-WM0m-0 (~$210) Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro: https://youtu.be/_86rsbi4lEI (~$210-$220) Artillery Sidewinder X3 Pro: Not many tests in English (~$220) Sovol SV07: https://youtu.be/gH5RQiuaKlw (~$260) BIQU Hurakan: https://youtu.be/GRiMDI2DSf4 ($320) Bambu Lab A1: https://youtu.be/F8sdrPgH9Fk (~$460) Others from BIQU might also be interesting, but reviews are old: https://youtu.be/Hz2GGUbufG8 (€364) The B1 costs only 155€ ($170) which is likely to be better than cheap Ender 3 models. I think it might be interesting as secondary printer. Some people build very small Core-XY printers themselves. This might not be for beginners, but on the other hand it might be more affordable for poor people. Well, if they know somebody with a printer: https://youtu.be/9IVwhJpB8qE https://youtu.be/JbOr9a6ECg8 Again, these might also be interesting as secondary printer or a printfarm.
Overview of Rolohaun Design DIY 3D Printers: https://youtu.be/RG2nWzs_bqE
>>26659 >>26687 Excellent listing Anon, thank you.

Prototypes and Failures #3 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 03/31/2023 (Fri) 19:20:29 No.21647 [Reply] [Last]
Post your prototypes and failures. We fail until we win. From now on with even more madness, while the prototypes are starting to look cute and have extras. Don't forget looking through the old threads here >>418 and here >>18800 to understand how we got to where we are now.
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Open file (88.19 KB 792x868 newDesign.png)
>>26068 >>26069 >>26070 Thanks, keeping your support strut idea for her internal structure. Me sliced design with curves to guide assembly. Will post prints of successful.
>>26153 Now you're talking. You're really homing in on the proper proportions + suitable joint ports. Printing flats really is the way to go for economical shell prototyping in smol batches.
Open file (22.01 KB 654x1170 progress.jpg)
>>26154 Meshtegrity works best for arms, legs, and other simple structures. I'm moving forward with a peice together design for her main body. Meshtegriry is taking too long. I'll try to return to it. For now, I want her to exist faster.
>>26358 OK sounds good Kiwi. That's a pretty good looking form there. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>21647 >Prototypes and Failures #3 Some nice points about Henry Ford's eventual success with the highly-vaunted production Model T. > protip: It took him two prior failed businesses, and about 20 different prototypes, beginning with the Model A. < Ship Early, Ship Often https://web.archive.org/web/20160918000718/https://www.agencymabu.com/real-secret-behind-entrepreneur-henry-ford/ >=== -add funpost spoiler -minor edit
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Robo Face Development Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 02:08:16 No.9 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is dedicated to the study, design, and engineering of a cute face for robots.
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>>24450 There are certainly are a fair number of compelling arguments for screen faces Anon. This 'half-and-half' approach may turn out to be an even better compromise in the end. OTOH, it's really hard to beat a beautiful physical feminine face IMO. I'd say that SophieDev showed a good example with dear Elfdroid Sophie, even though she's still in an as-yet intermediate form. But yeah, good thinking Anon. :^)
Open file (412.05 KB 406x607 ExampleYuzuki.png)
My Robot Doll Aotume Doll has the best faces of any spicy doll in my opinion. Does anyone know if there are scans or models for these faces? I want to use them. They have tremendous potential as demonstrated in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbfyJfnaXv4
As much as a dislike Disney, their research around facial animation is very important: https://www.youtu.be/-qM_XUv-JhA
Open file (88.80 KB 500x750 frank_n_ollie.jpg)
>>25983 I don't know of a source Kiwi, but it doesn't look particularly a complicated facial shell design -- rather simple in fact (not uncommon with female characters, actually). >tl;dr It shouldn't be too difficult for us to follow the basic premise here. In fact, I'll attempt to follow it somewhat when I model Sumomo's likeness, and we can all see what we think of it as a facial baseline. Sound good? >that yuzuki kokubunji tho Neat! I told you the Japanons would be first! :^) >>26624 Yep you're right NoidoDev, and they weren't always so evil of course. It's only following their takeover as a company by the GH, in fact. They used to have some amazing talent that weren't bent on the destruction of my people (indeed of men in general). > pic related [1][2][3] And yes, few companies around the world spend as much effort at facial animation research. And since they have a large Dark Rides industry with their theme parks, much of that research translates directly over to robotics. May the usurpers in control of the D*sney brand today be uprooted soon, and replaced with men that Walt Disney would approve of instead!! :DDD 1. https://www.frankandollie.com/

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Open file (259.83 KB 1024x576 2-9d2706640db78d5f.png)
Single board computers & microcontrollers Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 05:06:55 No.16 [Reply] [Last]
Robotic control and data systems can be run by very small and inexpensive computers today. Please post info on SBCs & micro-controllers. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-board_computer https://archive.is/0gKHz beagleboard.org/black https://archive.is/VNnAr >=== -combine 'microcontrollers' into single word
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/25/2021 (Fri) 15:57:27.
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Old chromebooks as alternative to SBCs: https://www.youtu.be/1qfSJxcgH5I (sometimes $99 for 10 of them, ofter cheaper). Of course, don't use an outdated version of Linux Mint like he might be in the video.
>>19428 More interesting development based around the RK3588's NPU. Useful Sensors have created a good library for using Transformer models on the NPU efficiently, called Useful Transformers. https://github.com/usefulsensors/useful-transformers Link to useful sensors https://usefulsensors.com/ Video demo of voice recognition and offline LLM response. https://youtu.be/K6qgN_QXH6M
>>26099 Hey that's probably a good idea, NoidoDev. >>26254 >Transformer models on the NPU efficiently Interesting.
There's progress in connecting (old) AMD GPUs to Raspis. This might become useful to run small models in mobile systems, I guess. https://youtu.be/BLg-1w2QayU - Work in progress, there are still issues.
>>26613 >There's progress in connecting (old) AMD GPUs to Raspis. Very cool. Lack of GPU dev for that Broadcom chipset has always been a shortcoming of the Pi. Maybe this will eventually turn into something important for this field. Appreciated, NoidoDev.

SPUD (Specially Programmed UwU Droid) Mechnomancer 11/10/2023 (Fri) 23:18:11 No.26306 [Reply]
Henlo anons, Stumbled here via youtube rabbit hole & thought I'd share my little side project. Started out as just an elaborate way to do some mech R&D (making a system to generate animation files on windows blender and export/transfer them to a raspberry pi system) and found tinkering with the various python libraries a kinda neat way to pass the time when whether doesn't permit my outside mech work. Plus I'd end up with a booth babe that I don't have to pay or worry about running off with a convention attendee. Currently running voice commands via google speech and chatgpt integration but I'm looking into offline/local stuff like openchat. WEF and such are so desperate to make a totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia I might as well make the fun bits to go along with it. And yes. Chicks do dig giant robots.
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>>26577 Thanks, final panels will probably be laying cloth onto a form and painting it with acrylic/latex paint to create the shape, then foam backing. The chest is more annoying than you'd think, because I have to reach around 'em to adjust stuff :/ SPUD is much higher poly than Tomb Raider 1 Lara tho lol
>>26576 It's an interesting effect of psychology that even a crude approximation of a robowaifu's shell makes her feel more 'alive'. Nice work Anon! Keep up the good work. :^) >>26578 >laying cloth onto a form and painting it with acrylic/latex paint to create the shape, then foam backing. Sounds like a great idea.
Open file (722.96 KB 796x900 render paper.png)
Putting all the 3d models together into a single file to check proportions and whatnot. Made a new chest panel specifically fitted to the model, and working on a new hip piece. Structure of the shins is actually thin enuff I might just remove the gundam panels and instead give it human-scale shins with big chunky boots to hide the ankle joint/big feet (and probably put batteries in the feet to be more bottom-heavy). Also need to get around to designing/replacing the wriggly ears with those chobit-style ports for the HDMI/usb hub.
>>26597 Excellent! Looking forward to seeing the new additions, Mechnomancer. Cheers. :^)
>>26597 The absolute madman!

Fundamental Design Ideas that should ALWAYS be accounted for Grommet 07/19/2023 (Wed) 01:59:58 No.24047 [Reply]
So I'm thinking about design and realize some mistakes I made. There is likely no better short cut to advancing design than these fundamental principles as stated by Elon Musk. 1. Make The Requirements Less Dumb “Step one: Make the requirements less dumb. The requirements are definitely dumb; it does not matter who gave them to you. It’s particularly dangerous when they come from an intelligent person, as you may not question them enough. Everyone’s wrong. No matter who you are, everyone is wrong some of the time. All designs are wrong, it’s just a matter of how wrong,” explains Musk. 2. Try And Delete Part Of The Process “Step two: try very hard to delete the part or process. If parts are not being added back into the design at least 10% of the time, [it means that] not enough parts are being deleted. The bias tends to be very strongly toward ‘let’s add this part or process step in case we need it’. Additionally, each required part and process must come from a name, not a department, as a department cannot be asked why a requirement exists, but a person can,” says Musk. 3. Simplify Or Optimize “Step three: simplify and optimize the design. This is the most common error of a smart engineer — to optimize something that should simply not exist,” according to Musk. He, himself, has been a victim of implementing these steps out of order. He refers to a “mental straightjacket” that happens in traditional schools where you always have to answer the question regardless of whether the premise makes any sense at all. 4. Accelerate Cycle Time “Step four: accelerate cycle time. You’re moving too slowly, go faster! But don’t go faster until you’ve worked on the other three things first,” explains Musk. Here he uses another example of how these steps should occur in order. During a wrongheaded process you should simply stop, not accelerate. He says, “If you’re digging your grave, don’t dig it faster.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>24134 The topic is literally just OP expressing their love for the guy. You're calling out those other anons for disagreeing. OP you're acting like a cultist, you could have said all of that without inserting your celebrity into it.
>>26580 Lolwut? I think I'm pretty skeptical of the guy. OTOH, I'm not at all jelly of him and have earnest hopes for the Teslabot program. Regardless, he's certainly done the world a service regarding Xitter, even if some of the approaches to managing the thing seem bonkers to me. :D
>>26580 >The topic is literally just OP expressing their love for the guy You don't understand. One of the most valuable things in the world is to have a simple straightforward guide to operating effectively. "...you could have said all of that without inserting your celebrity into it...." He said it. He stated them in the sequence listed. These principles he stated off the cuff in an interview with everyday astronaut are pure gold. If you internalize them it will make you more effective in whatever you are doing. People for some reason really get triggered like little boys saying girls have cooties when you mention him or what he has done. And somehow admiration for most excellent productivity and changing the trajectory of several technologies on the planet, is said to be "love" or "worship" or some other derogatory term. No the guy has done a shit load of impressive things and respecting that is...just respect. Very few people in history have produced so much change in such a short time as he has. It's just a fact.
>>26590 > You don't understand. One of the most valuable things in the world is to have a simple straightforward guide to operating effectively. Do you actually think Elon is the first person that thought efficiency is good? You could ask any engineer and they would explain how important efficiency is to you. Also if you honest to god believe Elon is a genius at engineering, look at how modular and resistant Tesla cars or his rockets are. And most things he talked about don't apply because we aren't selling status symbols to the masses, we are producing robots to love. 1)Make The requirements less dumb If you made the requirements, they aren't "dumb" as long as you don't think they are dumb. Every requirement you started with should be added to the end product over time as long as there aren't any engineering difficulties and you want those features. 2) Try And Delete Part Of The Process The product should be quality checked at every step and the more check there is the better. 3)Simplify Or Optimize Good advice but some people died because he simplifyed his car's doors to the point they weren't functioning. 4)Accelerate Cycle Time That thinking of his is why Tesla factories get far more injuries than other car factories, i strongly believe Tesla factories would be closed 10 times by now if other car manifacturers ran factories as dangerous as his. 5. Automate Soo smart of him to realise industrial revolution happened. But doesn't apply to us yet because we aren't manifacturing in masses.
>>26592 You don't like his ideas, don't use them but don't pretend that stating them is worship or any of the other stuff you throw out there. No one forcing you to do anything. Ideas are not people.

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